ebay listing design

‘Professional’, ‘trustworthy’, ‘reliable’…these are just a few of the words that many would use to describe a successful seller on ebay – and these are certainly some of the qualities that potential customers will look for whilst searching to buy. We all know that price is a key factor as well, but with so many sellers with similar products at similar prices, how will you seperate yourself from the others? It’s hard enough to get a customer to even look at your listing in the first place – can you really afford for them to leave your page to check out the competition afterwards?

Ebay’s own statistics show that the majority of products sold are found directly via the search function leading to the item listing, and not from the sellers shop. A professional listing will give a customer the confidence not to search elsewhere. Think about it, where would you rather spend your money?


how it works

Choose your package and make payment
Choose our custom designed ebay listing template and shop front package for £399 or our full package (includes an optional custom ebay shop front) for £499. Once we have confirmation of your package choice, we will send you an invoice detailing full payment options. Once payment has been made we are off and running!
Time to get your input
Once we have your payment we will send you an email with all the details in that you will need to get your project going. Taking all of your ideas and any existing branding into account – such as a logo – we will discuss with you layout ideas, colour schemes, and important concepts you would like to include within your project.
Leave it to us...it's the creative bit
Once we have spoke to you bout your project we will create a design visual for you to look at. We will take all of your input and ideas and turn them into something we know you will love. We will refine the design in conjunction with you until you are 100% happy with it.
From rags to riches
The final stage is for us to turn the visual into a working item listing template and/or shop. You can then get on and create your items, knowing that any potential customers will have every reason to believe you are the seller that they want to spend their cash with.